Friday, 2 March 2012

Batman Chess Set - Joker & Robin.

Oh dear, oh dear. Know now why Eaglemoss are labelling the line "metallic resin" - they're gonna everything to make it look like its cast in metal.
A daft, daft idea that makes things end up looking like they're prizes from a fairground stall.
Can understand it with any objects on the figure but...
metallic green for the Joker's hair????
metallic shirt and suit?
A metal cape for Robin?
Having said that though, the sculpts are excellent (altough Robin is almost adult-sized) and, again, my respect for the poor sods on the production line is hug - just look at the detail on the Joker's cards.
I was gonna prime and start all over again with the Joker, but those cards and the face not being too bad has made me change tack.
So this is what i'll be doing:
New hair, leave the eyes as is (they're green mettalic but gleam nicely), new shirt, new suit.
the mask is metaalic and therefore not right but i'm leaving it as there's no way i'd be able to do as good a job, all the outfit repainted

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