Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First pics from Dark Knight Rises

Okay, so that's Bane then. Have to say, loathed the character from the off - you knew Batman wouldn't really be broken and so, sooner or later, things would be back to as they were.
And its a not very good gimmick, with a worse back story and far, far worse vocal "performance" in the radio adaptation.
can see why Nolan's gone for him as he's one of the few villains that could work in the real world, but still not too enthrilled.
Much better to have a Bat/Cat scenereo rather then trying to cram in two bad guy origins and set-ups, pushing Bats off to the sidelines, as in "Returns", "Forever", "and "Robin" and "Darknight".
Nice to see Mr Wayne gets his own cemetetry in the second pic. What's the chances he'll be kneeling at a monument in the rain?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Favourite Bat-Films - #5 - Batman Begins

"WHAAAAT?????" I hear you cry. "Only number FIVE?????"
Well, yes.
Okay, Nolan has to be applauded for going the Year One route, steering away from the excesses of the previous couple of films, along with grounding things much more in reality.
Rubbish Ra's.
Rubbish cowl - how can a lightbulb on someone's head instill fear?
Rubbish "gruff" Batman voice.
A Bruce Wayne that doesn't look nor sound like Bruce Wayne.
But, a good Gordon, a good Lucius.
Which is why its only at Five.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Return Of Bruce Wayne

Apologies for no updates in a while, but my other interests and hobbies have taken me away from the fella.
Back now, and thought i'd get a bit more up to date than what i've been posting just lately.
So, The Return Of Bruce Wayne.
Why do they do it? Every time a Marvel or DC character is bumped off you just know it ain't gonna last and its just a temporary condition.
After all the Supermans and Flashes and Green Lanterns that snuff it only to return and within months its like its never happened, you'd think folk'd be wise to it and ignore it.
Which is what i've done.
When the news came out that Bruce was going to bite the bullet, i saw it as the marketing ploy it really was and gave it a wide berth until he came back.
Only bought Detective because of Jock's art and, boy, that rankled that Dick was Bats.
No. He's. Not.
So, Bruce is back so thought i'd try again.
Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
You're telling me Grant Morrison is ressurecting those lame 50's potboiler plot devices of Batman in other times but somehow keeping his costume in some form. And he's not joking?
Oh. Dear.
Half expecting to see him swinging through the jungle in a leopard loincloth but still wearing his cowl.