Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Batman Chess Set - Scarecrow all done

That's him finished then and, apart from Mr Freeze, he's my favourite figure from this range so far.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Two-Face by Marc Lamming

Was at Demoncon4 yesterday and, is my wont right now, i was after a specific villain from a specific artist. I knew Marc would be there and his gritty, moody B&W work just screams Two-Face to me, so that's what i asked him for. Boy, was i glad i did - not only did he come up with this STUNNING piece (love the bald evil side, which makes total sense - if your face is sprayed with acid, you wouldn't have a full head of hair after would you?)but Marc said he really enjoyed doing it as he'd never done the fella before. Happy to help Marc!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Batman Chess Set - Harley Quinn & Black Canary

These lovely ladies turned up today and, yet again, it looks like they're reigning in the metallic paints as there's hardly any on either. So, no need for a repaint here, which is just as well as i don't fancy trying those tights (if you see what i mean):
And the faces are pretty good too. Yeah, Harley's eyes are a bit wonky, but i couldn't get anywhere near as good as this paintjob here:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

World's Finest 224 - Aug 1974

Bought this for only a quid from my local comic shop just lately. Now, with one very important exception (which i'll get to in due course), i never read this title as a nipper. So i thought i'd have a gander at what was what 38 years ago. We've got five tales here - a Johnny Quick, a Metamorpho, two pretty old Supes & Bats tales and the most up to date - "The Shocking Switch Of The Super-Sons!" A VERY naff tale of Clark JR and Bruce JR failing to get along with their Dad's, so decide to stay at an "Encounter Camp" with them to heal the riff. Along the way we get psuedo-hippy teachings, a mystery involving a missing robot - who turns out to be camping there too, bizarro set-pieces such as Superman and Batman jigging with their boys:
very dated, early 70's dialogue:
And a Scooby Doo resolution and wrapping up to the tale:
As i say, naff. Bat-Rating - 2/10