Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First pics from Dark Knight Rises

Okay, so that's Bane then. Have to say, loathed the character from the off - you knew Batman wouldn't really be broken and so, sooner or later, things would be back to as they were.
And its a not very good gimmick, with a worse back story and far, far worse vocal "performance" in the radio adaptation.
can see why Nolan's gone for him as he's one of the few villains that could work in the real world, but still not too enthrilled.
Much better to have a Bat/Cat scenereo rather then trying to cram in two bad guy origins and set-ups, pushing Bats off to the sidelines, as in "Returns", "Forever", "and "Robin" and "Darknight".
Nice to see Mr Wayne gets his own cemetetry in the second pic. What's the chances he'll be kneeling at a monument in the rain?

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