Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Favourite Bat-Films - #4 - Batman

Its hard to be subjective about this one, what with not being to watch it without recalling the huge media frenzy that surrounded its making and release.
And, with Tim Burtons gothic take on things being suppressed quite a bit, the dire eighties trappings leap right out - bad hair, bad shoulder pads, bad music, bad acting, ruining the timeless setting they were going for.
Looking at it now on Blu Ray:
Micheal Keaton is still terrific,
as is Micheal Gough as Alfred,
that's a nice, basic looking Batcave,
Elfman's score is ace,
and the car's great.
As good as he is, Nicholsen is just too darn podgy and too old for the Joker,
Kimmie can't act. At all,
that Knox guy is so smug and so unfunny, i want to do him harm,
but, most surprisingly of all, the Batsuit looks SO darn crude. It really does look like its carved from a bunch of old tyres.
But its still very enjoyable.
Just wished they got someone thinner and more Keatons age for the Joker - my top choice would've been Crispin Glover, failing that, Matthew Modine.

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