Friday, 16 March 2012

This Month In... 1971

What a terrific cover by Neal Adams.
A brilliantly nasty baddie in the foreground, very House Of Mystery, and a superb classic Batman beyond that.
Shame he's not so good on the inside:

Art's by Bob Brown and its just not very good.
Neither is the tale - a very silly one featuring a disfigured Jock out for revenge because the artist who painted his portrait made him wait another 5 mins to finish the painting, making him late for a hot date, making him drive badly, making him crash, making his face face so horrible.
Well, it certainly looks horrible on the cover.
But not on the inside and, whew, that's quite a mouthful to spout when you're taking a rubber mask off:

We've got a back-up Batgirl strip here too, which again is kinda daft, with a very non girl-like Barbara:

So, a pretty duff issue, only of note really to me for this ad:

Which i used to pour over and long for back then.
2/10 (and that's mainly for the ad)

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