Wednesday, 4 January 2012

This month in... 1979

Behind a really rather nice cover, we get a really rather duff Scooby Doo/Zip Nolan style detective riddle to solve, being who's killing vagrants by putting poisoned gold coins on thier eyes (really).
Seems that its the dead father of the bloke who owns the coins, which had been stolen shortly before.
Except its not - its the son disguised as his father, a ruse that's rumbled by Batman noting shoe heel sizes.
Which is why we keep getting blatant shots of the son sitting there showing off the bottom of his shoes.

Subtle its not.
Along the way we also get terribe racial stereotypes, with an Irish guy called Shamrock spouting every cliche going and an English woman straight out of Mary Poppins - "its the bloomin' Batman".
We also get that very 70's situation of Bruce living at Wayne Foundation, with his penthouse Batcave.

Really a totally forgetable tale, which i'll give 3/10. Things of most interest is this Superman competition, with prizes including Christopher Reeve's actual cape and pages of art.
Where are they all now?

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