Monday, 30 January 2012

Batman The Dark Knight #5

Was in my local shop the other day picking up my comics and i thought i'd dip me toe into another Bat-title, just to see what it was like.
I've read conflicting views on this one, but thought i'd give it a go as the art looks nice and i've always liked the Scarecrow.
So i read it and its a pretty humdrum, seen it tons of times before tale of Bats suffering the Scarecrow's fear gas while the baddie gloats over him.
With an appearance of Superman near the end that Batman almost beats in a fight - though i'm unsure whether it really happened quite that way or is another halluncination of the Scarecrow's.
So, humdrum its is, saved massively though by the execllent art by David Finch.
His Rogue's Gallery is excellent (though Catwoman seems to be about 12 here):

And his Scarecrow is even better, whether the trippy version or the real world:

So, didn't mind buying it, and will sure get the next one.

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