Thursday, 12 January 2012

Batman 197

Just bought this quite cheaply, which was a real surprise considering its hailed as the first appearance of the modern-age Catwoman.
That's a classic 60's cover right there and, of course, has the best ever Bat-header, this time done in a fetching purple. As i've said before, that logo is incredibly evocative to me, but something also here almost has the same impact - the one shilling stamp.
So, great cover - but shame about the inside...
We're well and truly in the midst of the TV show at this point and the tale could almost be an episode, being the story of Catwoman going straight to ursurp Batgirl in Batman's feelings, with wedded bliss being the ultimate aim.
Its by-the-book, going the TV show route of following cat related clues to their conclusion, with story and art veering around all over the place.
Like i say, a classic cover, but what immediately follows couldn't be described like-wise - a shot of Batman with that odd head to big for the body and Bat logo that looks superimposed over his chest that even the 5-year-old me found odd, coupled with possibly the longest monologue from Catwoman setting the tale up. I'd retype it for you, but i want this post to all be on the same page:

Other things of note art-wise is this really strange depiction of Bruce unmasking:

Did folk think the cowl actually worked like that?
We find out later why he was taking it off - he's painted his face black to keep his identity secret just in case Catwoman knocks him out and tries to take a peek.
Which she does.
She never removes the paint though as she's sure "some special chemical must be needed to remove it".
But never tries.

Nowhere near the best from this time period and not the best example of the the explosion of the TV show silliness, just ok.
BAT-RATING: 3 out of 10
Highlight for me is this ad for Major Matt Mason. I had the dorky looking exo suit and can still feel the longing for that walking thing.

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