Friday, 20 July 2012

Dark Knight Rises - tiny spoliers

Saw it today and, as its opening day, really can't say too much. Just some capsule comments then: It was alright i guess. Far too long. Far too clever for its own good. A bit choppy - though that could be trimming to make it a 12A here Quite a surprising amount of non-sensical moments. And, sorry, didn't like Bane at all. Nor the multiple endings. Best thing by a VERY long stretch - Catwoman. Whoops - she's not called that in the film is she? Ann Hathaway was a revalation. Always thought her a bit wet but here she's channelling Michelle P and is just fantastic. And looks great. Oh, and The Bat. Want a kit of it now. Not as good as Dark Knight, bit better than Batman Begins.

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