Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Batman 186 - Staz Johnson

VERY pleased to be posting this up! Back when i initially approached Staz with a view to having a go at this lil' project, he cam back to me with "do you mind if i do it in the style of the 60's ABC bubblegum cards?" Mind? Of course i don't mind - (A) One of the appeals of this undertaking is to see folk go their own way with the basic three elements of the image and what they do is up to them, (B)i was semi-obssesed by those cards back then. So i was very happy to receive this prelim a while back for approval:
Love it just at this stage, but was even more blown away when the finished piece arrived today:
Love. It. Love how Staz has maintained the basic positioning of the figures, while changing the angles, love the teethwork on all three, love the creepiness of the lil' fella, love the grey giving everything weight, especially love the very authentic Bat-caption. Staz - you the (Bat) man!

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  1. I had the comic and, like you, all the cards. Now I have ( digitally ) one more! Cheers.