Thursday, 5 May 2011

Top Five Bat-Artists - #4

Only did one title - Batman Year One - but what an impact he made. The then not often seen sparse use of detail, big blocks of black, almost photo-referenced faces (Gregory Peck as Bruce Wayne? I'd buy it Killing Mockingbird-era) and, crucially and SO radical back then, a "realistic" costume.
This is a Batman that could have existed, using technology and resources a moderately weathly guy could put together along with his butler aide.
Forget all the latest nonsense with Dick not only having a space faring craft but being able to pilot it too and all the other malarky that's just so offputting, waaaay before Mr Nolan came along, David Mazzucchelli was depicting a realistic, belivable Batman we could all root for.
That's why he's Number Four. (oh, and that full length shot could be my favourite Batimage ever).

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