Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Killing Joke vs Killing Joke

Just got the deluxe edition - and don't know what to think.
Its well documented that Brian Bolland wasn't happy at all with John Higgins' colouring on the original so redid it for this one.
Comparing the two, i have to say that, ignoring the deluxe being slightly bigger and having a backup strip and prelims, i still prefer the original.
Partly its because i got it on its release at a signing with Alan and Brian.
Partly because i've read and re-read it for nigh on 20 years.
But mainly because the garish, flourescent colouring actually works. Some of its to do with the tale itself, which looks far too subdued with the new version, and some of its to do with it being a product of the 80's, and the garish colours with glossy pages fits right in. In much the same way as the colouring of Watchmen did.
Here you go with a couple of compare and contrasts.

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