Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just bought: Brave and the Bold 86

Was in my local comic shop today, nothing was in my box, no GN's took my fancy, so thought i'd get a back issue.
Chose this one as (1) Its got THAT Bat-logo, (2) Its a Neal Adams cover (didn't mean he'd be on the inside, but i was willing to chance it), (3) Its from October 1969, a time i never read the title - don't think my local shop stocked it and didn't start reading it until the late 70's when i started going to London for my comics.
Anyway, get home, open it up and - hurrah! - Neal is on the inside too.
And its some real nice work although, as seen from the very first page, it suffers from some shockingly bad colouring. Okay, this page is meant to be at night, but the light blue, mid blue, pink is just a mess.
Doesn't get much better later on when we have the likes of this double spread going the other way, showing very well that we're at the end of rainbow era of the late 60's and just about to go into the Glam of the 70's.
Its a shame as, if you see beyond the colouring, there's some excellent work by Mr Adams.
The story doesn't help matters (dunno who the culprit is as there's no credits for anyone. At all.) having Batman attacked by Robin, who's nicked the bad guys pistol. Bats stops him by a quick "Wap" across the face and Robin comes to, with no recollection. Gordon arrives and does the same thing. Brainbox Batman makes the huge mental leap of these two events that "There's only one answer... But its too incredible to believe.. But it MUST be! My old friend... Deadman is trying to kill me!"
And from there we go waaaay down hill as we find Boston Brand is being compelled to kill Btaman, can't do it, takes over his brothers body (who just happens to be in a Deadman outfit), they fly off to the Himalaya's, have a show down with the bad guys and Boston becomes solid agian, even though he's dead. But reckons he'll become a ghost again if he leaves.
Is a real confusing, muddled mess with muddled art.
Other than the cover, the only other thing that's memorable is the two page ad for American telly. How i used to study and drool over these shows that i could only yearn to see.

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