Wednesday, 26 January 2011

This month in... 1984

Thought it might be nice to pick a year at random occasionaly and see what was happening with Bats at that time.
So, dipped me finger in the back issue box and struck 1984. Found the Januray issue and this lovely cover was pulled up.
And lovely it is too, with a real neat idea of having Batman and the logo immersed in the Ivy. Which kind of makes the title redundant, and guessing there wouldn't be one if done now, but there you go.
Turn the page and it rapidly becomes clear that the covers the best thing about this issue.
I loved Don Newton's take on Batman but here, inked by Alfredo Alcala, its just not working. Alfredo was FAR more suited to the horror and supernatural titles, bringing some incredibly moody effects to them, but here he's inking a tale that could've been from the sixties - Poisen Ivy's creating moss people as her slaves while embezzling businessmen.
Oh dear. Ditto oh dear too her rather fetching plant swimwear.
Seems odd to re-read now after 25 years, with Jason Todd only just taking up the mantle and patently a complete Dick Grayson clone.

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